About Us

Hi everybody i am Murthy Manikandan from Chennai people us to call Astro Mani and i am a vedic astrologer & researcher from India I am very proud to say that i am the first astrologer in my family so i am very thankful to all my gurus my astro research is started at the age of 15 when i completed my S.S.L.C, Whatever i predict with my friends and family is all right about there future that time i am zero in Astrology but i have a intuition to tell peoples I started searching inside me, Have lots of question on my mind, Who am I ?  Why I am here ? What is the purpose of my Soul. ? I got all the answers when i meet my My Guruji He inspired me and my soul admit to him, he showed me who am i ? What is my Karma in this Life Span ?

So I am here in front of you all As Astro Mani

my vision is to take vedic astrology to worldwide and to teach a basic of astrology for every soul in the universe. & I started with my Son who is 5 years Old.

Astrology is the language if you understand this language the sky speak to you So Learn basic to involve yourself

Your soul’s dreams are completely supported by the universe because they contribute to the universal energies of success, Joy, Abundance and Creativity “Go for it” The higher purpose of astrology is not to try to change one’s destiny, but to fulfill it through growing in awareness.

We need to forget what we think we are, so that we can really become what we are..