Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 13th Feb 2017 to 19th Feb 2017


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body! Learn and lean on this adage, this week, and take a good care of your body, health and fitness. Confusion and uncertainty may overpower your senses, and if you fall ill at this time, your problems will only be compounded, well, why not take it easy, if you can’t do much about a situation. You may be worried about your work, career, progress, education or any such related area, foretell the stars. Wednesday on wards, thankfully, stars shall relent, letting you proceed ahead at a faster pace. Perplexity concerning a situation may reduce greatly. Short term travel, in the latter half of the week, will bear encouraging results. Ones looking for jobs shall have planetary assistance to their call and help. If you already have started a new assignment, do give yourself some time to settle down. Professionals too may come across a good platform for growth, around Friday. Financially fruitful times shall be around the corner. Health-wise, however, you must remain careful, even as the weekends. Watch what you eat!


Matters of the heart are not quite making headlines for you this week. Your thoughts and ideas that were buried deep down within you should surface and become known now. This week involves a lot of soul-searching, as well as looking closer look at what keeps you feeling grounded and secure. You may have more errands to run and more projects to complete than usual, but you are also valuing your down time.

The essence of who you are is on a much more intellectual level making self-expression flow much easier for you. Your relationships with everyone around you could be more important to you. Your powers of attraction run very high but more in terms of going after what you want rather than waiting for things to come to you. Sexual activity may be more frequent for you and a more heartfelt attitude is with you in just about every area of your life.

Grab it and run with it, initiate discussions, look at yourself and what you do for others around you, get back in touch with people. Now is not the time to stay at bay. Work on your relationship goals and be adamant about what you really want. Be careful though; don’t go over the top with it. You don’t want to seem obsessed. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.


Though you have been quiet about it in the past, some crucial business matter is making you want to speak up more and more. This is a good idea as your input could be the difference between your company making a good, profitable decision and making a bad, costly one. Your mind is where you’re spending more of your time now and your intellectual disposition will allow you to express yourself with ease.

There’s just no way to make it clearer; speak up! This is that time when the iron is hot, when you striking can make the biggest difference for you and the people around you. It’s no bad idea to spend some time getting to know the people who live next door to you. You never know what kind of help a stranger could really be until you learn more about him or her. It is likely you’re ready to go and meet other people instead of waiting for them to come to you.

It’s time to speak up, be heard, get out there and get noticed. You won’t do that sitting in your chair and just thinking about it. Get up and get going! Don’t worry about going overboard on this because there isn’t much wrong you can do at this point. Don’t be afraid of a crowd or a little hard work right now.

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