Capricorn Daily Horoscope Jan 23rd 2017

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Uttarashadha 2, 3, 4 Shravana 1,2,3,4 Dhanistha 1, 2

You have a talented and impressive personality which will get highlighted in front of everyone today ヨ including both your well-wishers and people opposing you! Pay heed to the advice of the former ones and ignore the rest. Your elders will be there in your support and will guide you well to regain your focus on certain very crucial goals of your life

Perfect time to regroup your thoughts Don’t panic if you have too many things on your platter and things are not moving at the pace you would want them to. Just keep following your instincts in making decisions. No need to take undue risks today. Time is not conducive to it at all. For people working on new projects or relationships, its a high time as they clarify the priorities of any activity that will directly affect their coveted achievements.

You may examine thoroughly the changes you need to incorporate in your lifestyle and food habits for achieving a better health. Go for walks in the morning and in the evening to breathe in some fresh air. This will boost blood circulation in your body, thus minimizing the chances of heart strokes

This is the perfect time to reorganize your thoughts. Just follow your heart while making important decisions. Even better, take a back seat and observe things with your beloved. Pay heed to his/her suggestions too. Clarify your priorities regarding new projects and relationships so that you can attain the desired success. Even though you are a couple, try maintaining your self-identity.

You are going to require a lot of patience to deal with your partner today. Do not pick on every issue as this is going to disturb the peace and harmony in your relationship. Even minor disagreements and negligible issues can flare up into major problems. Silence is going to be golden today. Just keep your cool and believe in the innate strength of your relationship and this phase too will pass

This is a great time to regroup your thoughts. Do not panic if you’ve got too much heaped onto your plate; things moving at a pace you can’t agree with can be sped up yet. Just listen to your gut, that part of you, your instincts, which have never betrayed you. Time has little to do with things after all. For people working on new projects or business, it is time to make clear your priorities and also avoid any activities which will adversely affect your quest for achievement. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Indecision has marked your behavior for the last few days, but it is now time to take action and abandon this attitude once and for all. Do not be apprehensive about taking a decision. Whatever you decide will be right for your future. You can also consult someone close to you about career and money and you will be getting good advice today to know more on your person predictions don’t hesitate to ask astrologer 

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