Libra Saturn Transit 2017

The effect of sade saati which has been troubling you till now, will be over as Saturn moves to Sagittarius. This is a breather for you after a long period of slow progress. Emotional relationships might take some time to be formed, while your children will progress well. Hard work and dedication will reflect gain and better situation. Communication will be important for you to make your point clear, so that you are not misunderstood. Association with companies and people placed overseas will be fruitful for you. Long trips and relocation are likely to come up for those willing to improve work/ business ventures.

For Librans Saturn is supposed to be a yogakaraka planet because of being lord of Kendra and trikona but actually this Kendra and trikona are more favorable to the seventh house i.e. the opponent of the native because they are 10th and 11th house of the opponent. Still, Saturn rules these houses and signifies assets, mother, children, wit, vehicles, artistic inclination of the native because he is the lord. Saturn will be in the 3ed house of the Librans and this house is supposed to be good for cruel planets, thus this will be a good transit for the Libra natives to some extent.

A planet gives not only one but many-fold result because it has to give the result of the house in which it is transiting, the houses it rules and the houses which are signifies by its star lord and the house in which that star lord is transiting. So it is very difficult to pinpoint just by a transit that what exactly is going to happen because main thing depends upon the natal horoscope of the native. Still, there can be problems to your mother, you may have some dispute with your siblings, and your vehicle may start malfunctioning without any damage. Your crops may not yield as expected.

In the star of Ketu, you will have problems related to your love life, Problems in attaining focus of mind, you will make errors in your financial decisions and you will incur losses. Stomach related problems are also bound to happen but not to s severe level because Saturn will be aspecting its own house.

This aspect on own house will facilitate progeny with operation and pains but will not deny it. Keep in mind that whenever Saturn will be in sub of Venus and Venus will be in incremental houses you will have gains or least losses. In the star of Venus it will give you courage to move forward and will be creating obstacles himself. You will have support from people to accomplish things but in the end there will be some or other negligence on your part.

You will have to be very systematic in your approach towards your profession and job when Saturn will transit in the star of Venus. Your sexual drive may get hampered or you may lose interest in physical pleasures to some extent. You may have bad communication and suffer due to it, this I am specifically saying for people into media, performing arts, teaching, Bloggers, Internet marketers, Journalists and anchors. In the star of Sun it will bestow its good effects whenever Sun will be in good houses and Saturn will be in Sub of Sun. So the bad phase of the transit will end when Saturn will enter the star of Sun. You will get better opportunities in Job; Business people will see growth in their endeavors. Wear a ruby at that time and remove it when Saturn leaves Sun star.

The transit in the 3rd house from your native Moon could give fortunes, abundant gain of wealth, sound health, heroic victory over enemies, happiness, and overall, a Midas touch.

The trans versing of Saturn over the 3rd house for Libra personify the relations between friends and brothers. By the transition of Saturn some relations like friends and brothers may be distracted and there is also the opportunities of traveling somewhere else.

From 26 January 2017 to 2 March 2018 the Saturn transit over first Nakshatra Mool which is ruling by Ketu. It disquieting with a desire to achieve goals in any way. In this Saturn indicates relations with brothers or friends. By nature of Ketu and Saturn you may not reveal the company of siblings and friends.

From 2 March 2018 to 27 December 2019 the transition of Saturn over the second Nakshatra of Purva Ashada which ruled by Venus bring the enjoyment. This time period may not so much beneficial for students because there mind would be distracted in enjoying with friends or siblings.

It’s been quite a ride for the last 7.5 years for the Libra born individuals as they underwent the Sade Sati or Saturn’s 7.5 year transit which now comes to an end. Saturn now enters into your third house, which is one of the only three auspicious transits of this mighty planet.

The key to making the best of this phase is to swiftly snap out of the grief, setbacks and emotional messiness and not remain clouded by what happened in the past that damaged or tested you severely.

Professional life will come back on track steadily if you can put aside the fears and insecurities. There could be increased travel and possibility of new work opportunities even taking you to a new place.

If there have been any disputes /misunderstanding is with siblings, there are chances of mended equations and camaraderie again. You will be able to take on new initiatives but it will be better to be a little conservative when it comes to money. You may even opt for a stunning new direction – a total career change altogether!

Saturn is a favorable planet for those born in Libra. But how exactly does this favorable planet impact you as Saturn moves to Sagittarius in Jan 2017? Would you be comfortable with your relation with siblings? Are you planning for a short but meaningful trip? How would be your relation with youngsters? Find out specifically about your chart.

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