Planet Transit in 2017






Transit 2017 Dates – Planet Transit in 2017

Sun Transit in 2017

14 January 2017Sun transit in Capricorn
12 February 2017Sun transit in Aquarius
14 March 2017Sun transit in Pisces
13 April 2017Sun transit in Aries
14 May 2017Sun transit in Taurus
15 June 2017Sun transit in Gemini
16 July 2017Sun transit in Cancer
17 August 2017Sun transit in Leo
17 September 2017Sun transit in Virgo
17 October 2017Sun transit in Libra
16 November 2017Sun transit in Scorpio
16 December 2017Sun transit in Sagittarius


Mars Transit in 2017

20 January, 2017Mars transits in Pisces
02 March , 2017Mars transits in Aries
13 April, 2017Mars transits in Taurus
27 May, 2017Mars transits in Gemini
11 July, 2017Mars transits in Cancer
27 August, 2017Mars transits in Leo
13 October, 2017Mars transits in Virgo
30 November, 2017Mars transits in Libra


Jupiter Transit in 2017


12 September, 2017Jupiter transits in Libra


Venus Transit in 2017

27 January, 2017Venus transits in Pisces
31 May, 2017Venus transits in Aries
29 June, 2017Venus transits in Taurus
26 July, 2017Venus transits in Gemini
21 August, 2017Venus transits in Cancer
15 September, 2017Venus transits in Leo
15 October, 2017Venus transits in Virgo
03 November, 2017Venus transits in Libra
26 November, 2017Venus transits in Scorpio
20 December, 2017Venus transits in Sagittarius


Saturn Transit in 2017

26 January, 2017Saturn transit in Sagittarius
21 June, 2017Saturn transit in Scorpio
26 October, 2017Saturn transit in Sagittarius


Mercury Transit in 2017

03 February, 2017Mercury transit in Capricorn
22 February, 2017Mercury transit in Aquarius
11 March, 2017Mercury transit in Pisces
27 March, 2017Mercury transit in Aries
03 June, 2017Mercury transit in Taurus
18 June, 2017Mercury transit in Gemini
03 July, 2017Mercury transit in Cancer
21 July, 2017Mercury transit in Leo
27 September, 2017Mercury transit in Virgo
14 October, 2017Mercury transit in Libra
02 November, 2017Mercury transit in Scorpio
24 November, 2017Mercury transit in Sagittarius
11 December, 2017Mercury transit in Scorpio


Rahu Transit in 2017

18 August, 2017Rahu transit in Cancer


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