Sagittarius Saturn Transit 2017

For those born in Sagittarius Rashi, Saturn Transit 2017 will be the peak of sade saati. Temperamentally there would be changes associated some necessary alterations in your perspective. Professionally, this is a period of growth but the speed may be slower than your expectations.  Expenses will be more than your income at certain times. Relation with your family and partner will be vibrant and this would keep you motivated to move forward despite the periodical obstacles. Your efforts and short trips will mature to productive output.

1,2,3,6,7,10,11,9 will be the houses which will see the effect of this transit provided the dasa of Saturn or ketu is operational. Saturn rules 2,3 bhavas and gets placed in the ascendant which is 12th to 2nd 2nd house is not only for kutumb, but for bank balance, teeth, tongue, face, elementary education etc and when the lord of the said house will get posited into 12th to its sign then there will be some or other discrepancy in the results thus offered.

The mockery here is the third house rules siblings and second house rules family members, how can we distinguish between the two as India still is a country of joint family. There will be mixed relations with your family members and sometimes things will go to intolerable levels.

You should not worry much and just keep your cool. The thing on which you should focus more on is that do not say to proposals which are coming for financial increase or increase in the size of family. It is very likely that you may reject a good proposal of your son`s or daughter`s marriage and regret later, also it is very likely that you may refuse to do a job which is very lucrative and promising.

There are good chances that you will have bad relations with your extended family, neighbors etc. The thing on which you should focus more is that this ketu will change in august to your 2nd bhava and will create more problems than you will be having till august. So keep that in mind and after August take a chill pill so that things do not get out of hands with in the family members.

Keep doing your efforts and you will see success till August, though there will be unwanted delays and hindrances but you will get ahead of all. You will see your marriage efforts getting delayed and also there will be sluggishness in your business. You may have to face deceit from your business partner. You will get good job opportunities when it will enter Venus star and Venus sub and Venus will be transiting in incremental houses.

There will be promotions, career expansions and all goodness when this dasa will operate. You will have happiness on your face but some minor health issues will be there. But this period may see your love affairs sink deep below and some heart breaks are also likely. You will have some marital life problems in this period.

In the star of sun you may have to travel a lot and you may have to go to places far away from your residence. You may do some travels related to your religion. You will establish offshore connections, your pending works in other countries or cities may get a boost in this time. You may get to visit foreign lands for works and pleasure both.

The transit in your house of native moon is said to possibly load and enrich you with money and riches. You could overcome the roadblocks and delays in your career.

The Saturn transits over the first house emblem the relationship or friendship For Sagittarius the transition of Saturn at the 1st house of mind and perspective. During this period, there may be development of aptitude of disquietness. Your relationship or friendship influenced you as the existence of lord of third and forth.

From 26 January 2017 to 2 March 2018 you may work hard for making money. The transition of Saturn over 1st Nakshatra Mool stands for your approach towards everybody. The transit over first Nakshatra emblem you busy schedule.

From 2 March 2018 to 27 December 2019 Saturn transit over the second Nakshatra Purva Ashada.This transition stands for joy or happiness as the Venus is a planet of joy and happiness. The rule of Venus over 6th and 11th house may help for gain or earn more.

The Sagittarius born individual is are now entering into the middle part of the Sade Sati where Saturn transits over the natal Moon bringing quite a bit of pressure emotionally and on the physical body too.

There could be some ups and downs professionally. You may feel yourself being targeted or questioned. Interpersonal equations at work maybe strained because of misunderstandings or ego issues.

You should be careful not to take things personally or let your self-esteem take a hit because of an incident or two! This period is a test of your willpower and tenacity. Expensive purchases like automobile or property may have you feeling the pinch financially. Problems, if any with siblings should be addressed with patience and through clear communication. You will also need to give enough attention to your spouse/ partner as Saturn now aspects the house of marriage too.

Unnecessary arguments, differences should be handled with great care. Keep lines of communication open. It is much better option than being resentful or sulking. You may face a health crisis during this period.

It is once in 30 years that Saturn moves to impact the aspect. Would it affect your profession favorably? How would your marital life be, now and in the coming times? The dark areas might be troublesome. Why not find out the impact on your chart in particular?

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