Scorpio Saturn Transit 2017

Those natives born in Scorpio Rashi, transit of Saturn in Sagittarius signifies the last phase of sade saati. Marital alliance is likely to settle. Emotionally this may be a roller coaster ride unless you are matured enough to deal with some odd situations. It is thus important to develop trust and faith in your loved one and renew your commitments of partnership. Health will need attention. Financially, there will be gain as multiple source of income will be notable. Impulsive decisions regarding change of work/ business are best avoided.

Saturn is your 3rd and 4th house Lord. Saturn is the prime factor for your success because it rules the house of courage and also heart. Scorpions do not have a big heart but are hard workers and one of the reasons is this apart from others. Saturn is a malefic planet and it is so malefic that it does not excuse its own ascendant i.e. Aquarius from its ill effects. This is going to transit in your 2nd bhava for 2 and half years and will be 12th to its own house the 3rd but it will aspect the 4th house where ketu is posited till 18th august and then ketu will shift to 3rd This transit is going to prove good and bad both for you, if you are passing through the period of Saturn this year then you will have troubles from your siblings, they will become a source of mental tensions for you. You will perform very poor if you are into media or performing arts activities or if you run a printing press or are into print media. If you are a commission agent then also your performance will be nosediving for the time to come. Saturn is inspecting your 3,8,11 houses in transit, although it is not of much importance but if you are going through period of Saturn or of a planet which is in star of Saturn in your horoscope then this will become significant.

Ketu is afflicting your 4th house and is acting like an agent of Saturn by being in the sign of Saturn, and it will be doing it for 36 months as it will go into another sign of Saturn in august. You may have health issues related to heart, lings, drugs abuse, over drinking, jealousy, heart burns and there is good possibility that your mother may develop some disease.

Be careful while you are driving and do not make decisions in haste or hurry. You will face upsets in your work life and there can be unwanted hassles. You may face defamation or conspiracy against you. Married people will face deadlock in their married life when this planet will enter Venus star, there can be harsh quarrels between the couples. The counting factor will be that the dasha of Saturn should be operating. You will have health related issues and sex organs may have some weakness or disease.

Spends will be on costly things. You may consume high grade liquor if you are an alcoholic or finest toxic drugs may be used by you if you are a drug addict. There could be some problem on your face or teeth, some scar may develop on your thigh. Onsite placement is also a good possibility for software developers but it will be temporary and you will not be enjoying this displacement much. It will then enter into Sun star.

It will get connected with your 10th house. It is stationed in your 2nd bhava and will make a 2-10 connection. This is a good combination for any native for his overall career and financial progress. Whenever Saturn will be in sub of sun and sun will be in incremental houses you will see success without much efforts, otherwise also this period will make you work harder for your goals. You will move ahead in your career and will achieve new benchmarks.

The transit in the 2nd house from your native moon could bring you wealth and prosperity, gold and gems, profits through lands, gain of houses and vehicular comforts.

From 2017 to 2020, during this period of time you may face some financial problems as you spend money in excess. The transition of Saturn over second house influences the money.

From 26 January 2017 to 2 March 2018 transition over first Nakshatra Mool based on the position of Ketu. For Scorpio this transition may incline you towards earning more money.

From 2 March 2018 to 27 December 2019, during this period there may be excess loss of money takes place. The transition is over the second Nakshatra Purva ashada which is ruled by Venus. Venus is planet, brings joy and happiness and this transit personify the expenditures.

The period of Janma Shani or Saturn transiting over the ascendant Moon comes to an end and the last 2.5 years of Sade Sati begin for the Scorpio born individuals as Saturn moves into the second house transit. There may be some respite from acute mental agony and health problems but it could still be a tricky phase, at least where finances, nutrition and dental issues are concerned.

Professional life should be just about alright but money matters and resource crunch may hit you hard it would be better to live within one’s means rather than falling into the death trap.

Also don’t keep all your eggs in one basket only or rely completely on a single person/agency for monetary help. There may be a disappointment to family matters and in increasing feeling that you are being expected to shoulder too many responsibilities single-handedly may lead to a lot of bitterness. If you are planning to purchase a property, do so wisely after assessing your resources as well as soundly checking out the paperwork et cetera. Inheritance matters may get stuck. Friends may not be there when you need them.

Is it time to observe your communication and information that you share? Are you planning a new venture?  Are you keen to relocate overseas? Find out in details with the transit of Saturn to Sagittarius, especially in your horoscope.

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